Van Leeuwen, Mary Stewart

Van Leeuwen, Mary Stewart

Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen, Professor of Psychology and Philosophy at Eastern University, has written extensively from a Reformed perspective on a Christian approach to issues of gender.

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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Teaching Materials

Course Outlines on psychology of gender, philosophy of gender, history of psychology, philosophy of social science, Christian worldview and Faith & Learning



Stob Lectures 2003

Quick with Hospitality, Fruitful for the Kingdom: Family and Gender Relations in the 21st Century Church

Whose Hospitality? Whose Kingdom? - RAM audio or text [DOC]

The Cradle and the Lectern - RAM audio or text [DOC]


Eastern USA Graduate Christian Fellowship Lectures, Mar 2004

Serving God as a Scholar in Light of (1) Creation, (2) The Fall, (3) Redemption [all DOC]



The Anti-Reductionist Reductionist: C.S. Lewis, Science & Gender, C.S Lewis Lecture, University of Tennesee, 2004. [DOC]

What Do We Mean By Gender Complementarity?, Evangelical Theological Society, Nov 2004 [DOC]

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