Newbigin, Lesslie

Newbigin, Lesslie

Bishop Lesslie Newbigin (1909-1998) was one of the greatest missiologists of the 20th century.

Internet Resources


Newbigin.Net provides an excellent bibliography of primary and secondary material and has an enormous number of books and articles by Lesslie Newbigin available in PDF.

Books at Newbigin.Net


Christian Freedom in the Modern World (SCM Press).


The Reunion of the Church: A Defence of the South India Scheme (SCM Press).


A South India Diary (SCM Press).


The Household of God: Lectures on the Nature of the Church (SCM Press).


One Body, One Gospel, One World: The Christian Mission Today (International Missionary Council).


The Mission and Unity of the Church (Rhodes University).

The Reunion of the Church: A Defence of the South India Scheme (SCM Press).

A South India Diary (Revised Edition) (SCM Press).


A Faith for This One World? (SCM Press).


The Ordained Ministry and the Missionary Task (WCC Publications).


Honest Religion for Secular Man (SCM Press).


Christ Our Eternal Contemporary (Christian Literature Society Of India).


The Finality of Christ (SCM Press).

Set Free to Be a Servant: Studies in Paul's Letter to the Galatians (Christian Literature Society Of India).


The Holy Spirit and the Church (Christian Literature Society Of India).

Journey into Joy (Christian Literature Society Of India).


The Good Shepherd: Meditations on Christian Ministry in Today's World (Christian Literature Society Of India).


Christian Witness in a Plural Society (British Council of Churches).

The Good Shepherd: Meditations on Christian Ministry in Today's World (The Faith Press).


Authority: To Whom Shall We Go?

Preaching Christ Today (Overdale College).


The Other Side of 1984: Questions for the Churches (WCC Publications).


The Welfare State: A Christian Perspective (Oxford Institute for Church and Society).


Mission and the Crisis of Western Culture: Recent Studies (Handsel Press).


Come Holy Spirit–Renew the Whole Creation (Selly Oak Colleges).

The Gospel and Our Culture (Catholic Missionary Education Centre).


The Gospel in Today's Global City (Selly Oak Colleges)


Other Primary Material

A Local Church Truly United, WCC, Geneva, 1976

Can The West Be Converted?, IBMR, Jan 1987.


Interview with Andrew Walker, 1988 [see main Ship of Fools Newbigin page]


Secondary Material


TransMission Special Edition, 1988.

Lesslie Newbigin & Hindu-Christian Dialogue: A Decided Ambivalence by Bob Robinson, 2001 [DOC]

Lesslie Newbigin's Mission Theology of Culture by Dae Ryeon Kim, 2000 [part of doctoral thesis]

Lesslie Newbigin: A Postmodern Missiologist? by Paul Weston, Nov 2002 paper.

Works by Michael Goheen

The Missionary Calling of Believers in the World: Lesslie Newbigin's Contribution by Michael W. Goheen in After Newbigin, 1998.

Gospel & Cultures: Newbigin's Missionary Contribution by Michael W. Goheen, Aug 2000

Scholarship At The Crossroads: Exploring Lesslie Newbigin's Missionary Model of Contextualisation by Michael W. Goheen, Nov 2001.

'As The Father Has Sent Me, I Am Sending You': J.E. Lesslie Newbigin's Missionary Ecclesiology by Michael W. Goheen, 2001 [nearly 500pp dissertation with all chapters online as PDF]



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