Hart, David Bentley

Hart, David Bentley

David Bentley Hart is a leading Orthodox theologian who is currently a visiting Professor at Providence College.


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Theology & Philosophy

Religious Mystery & Rational Reflection, First Things, Nov 1998

Christ & Nothing, First Things, Oct 2003

The Laughter of the - Philosophers, First Things, Jan 2005

The Lively God of Robert Jenson, First Things, Oct 2005

Theology as Knowledge: A Symposium, First Things, May 2006 [final contributor]

Daniel Dennett Hunts the Snark, First Things, Jan 2007

The Hidden Manifest of God [MP3]

Nihilism & Freedom: Is There a Difference [summary report, PDF] of Lecture and Q&A [MP3s]



Tsunami & Theodicy, First Things, Mar 2005

Where was God?, Interview in Christian Century, Jan 2006

Tsunami & Theodicy, First Things, May 2008



Freedom & Decency, First Things, June/July 2004


History & Literature

Waugh Abroad: Collected Travel Writing, First Things, May 2004

Roland Redivivus, First Things, Feb 2005


Book Reviews by Hart

Bader-Saye, Church & Israel After Christendom: The Politics of Election, First Things, Aug/Sept 2000.

Rowan Williams, Wrestling with Angels, Times Literary Supplement, Mar 2008.


Reviews of Hart

Beauty of the Infinite

Placher, Christian Century, Sept 2004.


Engagement with Hart

The David B. Hart Appreciation Blog

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