Bauckham, Richard

Bauckham, Richard

Richard Bauckham (b. 1946) recently retired as Professor of New Testament at St Andrew's University is now an Associate Staff member at Ridley Hall in Cambridge . In addition to his writings on New Testament he has written extensively on both historical theology and contemporary theology where he is an expert on Moltmann.


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The Study of Gospel Traditions Outside the Canonical Gospels: Problems & Prospects, Gospel Perspectives vol 5, 1985.

The Relatives of Jesus, Themelios, Jan 1996

For Whom Were Gospels Written?, Hervormde Teologiese Studies, 1999

The Four Gospels & The Other 'Gospels': Is Our Canon Right?, Westminster Theological Seminary [MP3]

Response to Margaret Mitchell's Paper "Patristic Counter-Evidence to the Claim that Gospels were written for all Christians", 2004.

The Alleged 'Jesus Family Tomb', Mar 2007 [as PDF]

Response at SBL/AAR to Panel on Jesus & The Eyewitnesses Nov 2007 [MP3]


Other NT

Colossians 1:24 Again: The Apocalypse Note, Evangelical Quarterly, Jul-Sept 1975 [PDF]

The Role of the Spirit in the Apocalypse, Evangelical Quarterly, Apr-June 1980 [PDF]

Weakness: Paul's and ours, Themelios, Apr 1982

Creation's Praise of God in the Book of Revelation, Biblical Theology Bulletin, Summer 2008



MacBride Sermon on the Application of Messianic Prophecy, Sermon, Jan 2003.

Paul's Christology of Divine Identity [PDF]



Universalism: A Historical Survey, Themelios, Sept 1978

"Only the Suffering God can Help": Divine Passibility in Modern Theology, Themelios, Apr 1984



Interview with Chris Tilling on Jesus and The Eyewitnesses, Nov 2006

They Really Saw Him, Interview with Gary Burge, Christianity Today, June 2007



Criswell College, Mar 2008 [MP3 download]



Report of Retirement, Oct 2007


Engagements with Bauckham

Chris Tilling, Detailed set of posts summarising and reviewing, Jesus and the Eyewitnesses, Nov 2006 onwards.


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